Thoughts of gratitude and praise automatically put you in tune with a benevolent, universal, energy. The more grateful you are – the more you become in line with the greater good. When your thoughts are that of gratitude, you are focusing all of your power in looking for the pleasant and agreeable, and from this stand point you begin to attract a more positive vibration.

Practice gratitude in every area of your life, begin to make it habit. On a daily basis, make time to go through a gratitude list: this can be done by physically writing down everything you are grateful for, or just do your gratitude list mentally. I have a stone I carry in my pocket wherever I go, and I call this my gratitude stone. Throughout the day I make habit of constantly reaching for the stone, which immediately sets off feelings of gratitude. I also reach for it when I begin to feel stressed at anytime in the day, and this can quite often have a wonderful way of putting things into perspective.

Learn to show appreciation too, appreciation is on the same vibration of gratitude and indeed both are a similar to the vibration of Love. The law tells us that feelings of appreciation and gratitude makes you an immediate match to well-being and, in turn, allows it to flow into your real physical experience.

You will struggle to attract good things into your life, if you constantly feel lousy and lack energy, and if you are constantly criticizing and looking for the bad in everything and everyone. If you crave success and fulfillment in your life, then you need to start offering thoughts that match your desires. When you offer thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, your thoughts then begin to vibrate on a different level from negativity, and you will start to attract the very things that you desire, it does not really matter what the object of your gratitude is – as long as the inner, positive energy shift takes place.

The key to success with the Law of Attraction is really held in the practice of gratitude on a regular basis. The more often you express gratitude and appreciation – the less often you succumb to unhelpful vibrations. When done properly you will start to get a feeling of joy and happiness. Worth remembering at this point, that happiness comes before success, not vice-versa, in fact you cannot possibly be successful if you are ‘not’ happy – all the money in the world, in the hands of a miserable person, is abject failure.

Now I know some people would rather ‘die’ than learn to think properly, lack of effort, though, in the discipline of gratitude, is the biggest reason for failure with all things Law of Attraction, and yet! of all the exercises – it is the simplest: It does ‘not’ require a great deal of thought or effort, just a shift in your, conscious, mindset, every now and then throughout the day.

So next time you are at work, college or wherever, and you can hear Burt or Sue griping about their life and strife, switch off, grab hold of your gratitude stone and start to think of all the things you are grateful for: Whats on your list?

Why not go one better, and throughout the day, see and view everybody from the place of the heart, and look for the good in them, and when you find something you really appreciate about them, give that person a heartfelt compliment – guarantee it will make you feel just as good as the receiver of the compliment. The ‘Law,’ after all, states that in order to receive you ‘must’ first give, and it is in giving we begin to embrace the very essence of the law, and the joy it holds for all that pursue it.

Below you will find the emotional ladder used in the laws:

Emotional Scale:
1. Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Love, Appreciation
2. Passion Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness
3. Positive Expectation/Belief, Optimism, Hopefulness
4. Contentment
5. Boredom
6. Pessimism,Frustration, Irritation, Impatience, “Overwhelmment”
7. Disappointment, Doubt, Worry,Discouragement
8. Blame, Anger,Revenge, Hatred/Rage
9. Jealousy, Envy, Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness, Fear
10. Depression, Despair, Grief, Powerlessness, Hopelessness, Resignation

Notice that Appreciation (Gratitude) is at number 1 on the emotional scale, it really is a key ingredient and one well worth mastering. Needless to say that by incorporating Gratitude on a regular basis, can move you quickly up the scale.

Herein ends the lesson on gratitude, I hope you enjoyed it – good luck with it

If you would like to learn more on gratitude and the emotional scale, then check out Suzanne Glovers article “How to Develop Gratitude Tools to Work Up the Emotional Scale Website is well worth having a good look around and bookmarking.

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