Law of Attraction – Expectation:

We often hear the word “expectation” mentioned when talking about all things Law of Attraction, seldom though is it ever explained in a clear way. So we shall try to do that now.

Expectation, Desire, Belief:

Expectation along with desire and belief make up three, very important, powers that are required for us to be able to manifest the things we want most.

Expectation is often referred to as negative force, you may here a phrase like, “The weight of expectation was just too much.”

Expectation can be likened to gravity and have a downward pull on our psyche, if used in the wrong way!

Desire and belief, however, are the forces that push and propel us toward our goal and are the powers that rally the emotions; thus can be considered to be a positive force. Desire and belief come from within, and it is therefore essential to keep these emotions stoked and at the same time use them in conjunction with expectation.

Let us use an example of these forces in action:

You are going for a job interview, and the job in question happens to be the job of your dreams. The desire in you to gain this position is effervescent and clear for all to see. Not only do you yearn for this job but you have an inner belief that you could actually do this job standing on your head.

The expectation, then, must match your desire and belief, you must be able to see yourself in this post, feel yourself having this job, touch it, and taste it. Talk in terms of already having the job and more importantly take action to do everything possible to get your dream job. This is using expectation in the correct manor – That’s it, easy isn’t it!

The reality:

This sound familiar: I want the job but I don’t think I will get it, I can do the job but I am rubbish at interviews, nothing good ever happens to me. In this case the weight of expectation is bringing you down and causing a negative vibration – this is using expectation in the wrong way.

We think by playing down our chances and being cautious is the correct way to go about things, this way we won’t look like an idiot when we don’t get the job, it will make us less disappointed when we finally get to hear the inevitable bad news that we fully expect.

Law of Attraction:

If you have been catching up on all things Law of Attraction, you will know by now that the main premise behind the Laws is that like attracts like, you attract that what you are giving your attention to and focussing on. So what chance have you got of getting this job with thoughts of failure and doom – very little.

Expectation is constantly used in the wrong way: People talking in terms of job losses and cuts, illness, hardship and a whole host of other unwanted things.

We need to stop expecting unwanted things, the law works in such a way that it will manifest all the things you fully expect.

Try this expectation exercise:

When you wake up tomorrow morning, I want you to say to yourself, “Today I am going to see a butterfly,” or any other image of your choice – try something bizarre that you wouldn’t ordinarily see in your part of the world.

As you say these words I want you to fully expect with absolute certainty that you are going to see your image, really believe it with all of your being.

If you fail to see your image it is because you are not truly expecting and believing with enough conviction and determination – try again. When done correctly this exercise works every time.

If you have successfully done this exercise then you’re fully on the way to understanding the law that is expectation.


As a final note we have to give some heed to the word “Action.”

Desire, belief and expectation used in the correct way are all well and good, but if you just sit on your tush and expect things to just fall in your lap, then you are never going to make anything happen.

Let’s take the job of your dreams scenario again: You want the job desperately and you believe with all your heart that you could do the job easily. However, you struggle at interviews, and as a result you have absolutely no expectation of landing this job.

Take Action!

Prepare for the interview, research the company you are going to be working for, prepare your answers, research interview techniques. This could be the job that defines the rest of your working life, taking a couple of weeks out of that life to study your rocks off, is surely worth it.

Taking action is another form of expectation. Go into that interview looking forward to showing off your talents.

I remember going for an interview where I had took the time to really research the company to the nth degree. When I was asked what I knew about the company – usually the first question at most interviews, I started to belt out my prepared answer. When I finally paused for breath and looked at the faces of the people interviewing me, they were beaming; mouths were wide open and a slight look of shock. They had spent the whole day asking numerous people that question, and you can bet your life they got some bog standard answers if anything at all. One of the interviewers told me that they had actually learned things about the company that they didn’t even know.

If you owned or managed a company and somebody had gone the extra mile to do their research, what would you think of that person, what would you think of a person who hadn’t done any research – which character is going to be your A-player if you hire them.

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

Be the one who goes the extra mile – expect

I was offered that particular post, but decided not to take it as I felt as a result of my research the company was not quite going in the direction I wanted. I was confident that there was going to be a whole host of job opportunities coming my way, and I was going to pick the right one for me.

I digress:

If you are out of work and looking for a job, then I want you to change your mentality and words: You are no longer Job Hunting, you are Job Choosing, there are an abundance of jobs out there, all with your name on, the universe wants you to have them – Expect them.

The Recipe for success then:

Hopefully we have explained how to use expectation in the correct manor. Don’t forget, also, the importance of keeping the Desire and Belief stoked, and that all important word, “Action.”

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